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Welcome To Fate By Design Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Do you believe in Fate? Then believe in a Fate by your Design

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

You know that smoking has some very unpleasant outcomes, which is why you are here. To stop smoking

If you're motivated and ready to finally kick this habity that has you chained to the death sticks, then click the Blue Button below to arrange your discovery session and book your Zoom Session. 


Hypnosis for Anxiety

With the stresses of modern day, viruses, school holidays, work loads and pressures in career and home, we find 30% of our clients simply use us to release tension and reset their emotional balances. 

Think about last nights sleep, then imagine it stress free, full of dreaming (naughty and nice) and the energy you get when you wakeup. 


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Health and wellbeing, we hear it all the time. WE are concerned with health and happiness. You need to love yourself! You need to feel good about yourself, look in the mirror and love how good you make that outfit look and feel 120% at ease when around friends, family and strangers. 

Look the part, feel the part, and all knowing that you do so without judgement.

Imagine:  Your Life, Exactly the Way you Dreamed it Would Be

Now, the question is, are you there yet? 

Fate By Design Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a full service provider, specialising in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Energy Tapping), TIME Techniques, Coaching and many more modalities.

Our services enable you to overcome obstacle that life has placed in your way, as we know the removal of these mental and emotional blockages will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Whatever your trouble, concern or challenge, we have a service designed to empower you, giving you the tools to Design your own compelling Fate.

Within you, your sub-conscious mind has stored the unlimited resources needed to achieve perfect health, wealth and happiness.  The next step is for you to tap into it and use them - and helping you do just that, is what we do best.

Please, look around the site at the services we offer, and know in your heart that you are here for a reason.  For peace of mind, we always offer a complimentary, free consultation and we partner up, your results will be guaranteed.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This is a special process that allows us to recognise the language patterns of the mind, and then use that pattern to communicate with the subsconcious, enlisting it's help with a variety of challenges.

Hypnotherapy and EFT Techniques

Through the use of Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques, we are able to unbind ourselves from negative emotions, limiting beliefs, success sapping memories, totally eliminate bad habits, and buckets more.  And we mean HEAPS more.  

TIME Techniques

TIME Techniques allow us to revisit previous events that negatively impact us emotionally.  We are able to recognise, learn from and then release the emotions that bind us to an event, all without reliving the event itself. 

Success Coaching

Even coaches need coaches.  That second opinion, that soundboard to bounce ideas off, that individual NOT in the problem, but viewing it from the outside, where there are a multitude of solutions. 

Request your Complimentary Consult

Are you stuck in a rut?
Spinning your wheels but not getting ahead?
Looking to start something new but don't even know where to start?

As coaches, we are there to help you leap higher than you have ever leaped before, achieve goals quicker than you have before, and construct an actual game plan to get to where you want to be.

And the amazing thing is, it often happens with the use of all YOUR resources, the ones in your subconscious, the ones you haven't found...yet.

No matter what you've already tried, no matter how many times, I can help you quit smoking in just one session.

While cigarettes are addictive, you don't have to be a slave to them anymore.

Using the power of your mind, we can overcome your smoking habit, easily and effortlessly - all without any withdrawals, cravings or discomfort. Results are guaranteed.

Being bound to spontaneous, seemingly uncontrollable emotional responses is nasty, isn't it?  

That feeling you get when you get angry, REALLY angry, or so, so sad, or anxious...for no particular reason.  Yes, something set you off, but should you REALLY have reacted as harshly as you did?

Well, truth be told, there was probably very little you could do, because the emotions were no doubt welling up inside from previous events, and when the well is full - WHOOSH!  Out floods the emotion.

With TIME techniques, we review previous events in your life, and possibly before, and allow you to learn from the event, then RELEASE the emotion so that it no longer has a hold over you.

Shannon BoydPNLP, PTT, CCHt, EFT, CSC

So what do all the letters mean after my name? Not a lot to many people, but to me it simply states I have intellectual tools at my disposal, with the knowledge to use them to help you.
1. Uncover the cause of whatever is concerning you
2. Work with you to easily and effortlessly turn emotional and mental blocks into building blocks for success
3. Uncover any negative patterns, beliefs and values associated to your challenge
4. Re-introduce you to the healthy, remarkable, unbiased, empowering patterns, beliefs and values you had before you learned otherwise

Request your Complimentary Consult

Do you want to be an ultimate achiever? Do you like to come out on top, but need a little extra something to help get you there?

Using the power of your subconscious mind, we can tap into your "inner winner" and give you the resources you need to achieve any goal you may set.

Whether you want to ace your school aptitude test, make that next sales goal, or improve your sports performance, I can help.

Perhaps you just need to relax, you just need to unwind those tightly bound nerves, the inner springs that feel ready to snap.
We can help with that to. Our 30 minute sessions for relaxation transport you to another world.
You won't sleep in the session, as you'll be aware of everything going on around you - but you'll be super relaxed. So relaxed, that you may even sleep better that night, or remember where that missing item could be, or even solve a problem while there.

It is simply amazing what the subconscious mind can do when you show it you love and respect it.

Trapped by that feeling of pending doom? Do you have prep work coming up for exams at School, at work, perhaps you're about to sit the Bar Exam?
Perhaps you're finding that once inside the exam room you can't track down the answers, but once you step outside again they come flooding back.
I can work with you to get your subconscious mind working FOR you, so that when you sit the exam, you pass.

We are that confident, we offer a money back guarantee if you don't pass as promised

What do your coaching services offer?

All sessions are tailored upon your individuals requirements.  Everyone knows that not one single tool offers a "one-fits-all" solution.

Because of this, various techniques may be used with you, empowering you in ways that suit your needs.

You will learn how to run your mind so your mind no longer runs you.  We show you how to turn off the auto pilot and take control.  What do we mean?

Well, I want you to think of Chocolate Coated Biscuits (like Tim Tams here in Australia).  You either love them or hate them.  This may be based upon a dietary need, acquired taste, values instilled in you by mum and dad, or any other reason.  The point is, your mind tells you how you feel about them.

I fell in love with Tim Tams, and at 80 calories per biscuit, that's a dangerous love affair.  I used to eat 3 packets a week.  At 9 biscuits per pack, that's 720 calories per pack, or 2160 calories per week!!!  I PILED the pounds on.

So, in Feb 2020, I used one of my tools to turn my love of Tim Tams into a respected relationship - and haven't had a Tim Tam since that date.
Just imagine how this can change your life with bad habits, addictions, texting while driving, DUI habits, laziness, procrastination, anger management, fear, the list is endless.

We also show you how to create solid structures around SMART goals, implementing a language pattern that involves the subconscious mind, supercharging your energy and effort.
We create action plans based upon real, achievable outcomes. Outcomes that YOU want, not what others want.
If your outcomes seem cloudy due to emotional experiences from the past, or anxiety about the future, we also have the tools to address those emotional events. We use TIME techniques to remove the negative emotions involved - all without reliving the actual event itself. This is incredibly powerful, and I have cried from joy with clients after seeing the difference in people from using this amazing tool.
No one wants to sit here reading this site all night, and I could go on for hours about the many, wonderful ways I can help everyday people with every day issues.

So do yourself a favour, and book your obligation free consult so we can see what we can do for you.

Hypnotherapy details

Still unsure of how hypnotherapy can help you? 
Click here to head over to our page and see how we have helped others like you in the past

Emotional Assistance

Perhaps you are still thinking about past events and how they dictate your future emotions? Anger for no reason? Huge bouts of sadness when you have tiny setback? Fear over something most people call irrelevant? 

These are challenges we face everyday, and they're easily and effortlessly addressed in our sessions.

We're so confident, if we feel our service is not suitable for the concern you have, we will refer you to an appropriate provider, charging you nothing, and refunding any charges you may have already paid.

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Downloadable MP3 sessions

While we prefer to do things face to face, either in person or via video link, we do understand that some people just want to sit back in the comfort of their own home, and listen to a recorded hypnosis session, anytime they want, as often as they want, for one simple price.

So we helped out there too. Our library is only new, as we are still adapting to recent changes in society, but the recordings are high quality, personally provided by Shannon, who has years of experience with trance inducing recordings, binaural beats and isochronic tones.

While these sessions are not personalised and tailored for one specific individual, they are no less effective for a large number of people. Finally, should you find that they do not work for you, we will credit the cost of the recording to a live session if you decide to see us in person or via video link.

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