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Shannon Boyd PNLP, PTT, CCHt, EFT, CSC

Shannon Boyd "The Mindset Mechanic" is a Board Certified Practitioner of Neuo-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching and Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Shannon has been a student of personal development and mindset enhancement for many years.
Owning multiple businesses, Shannon still endeavours to provide for those close to him, those who approach him through word of mouth, those who request him professionally and those who the universe places in his path.

Coming from a Low income family, Shannon learned to appreciate what he had, and to show gratitude for what he was presented with. At the age of 20 he was homeless, and through the help of someone who recognised his inner strength, he made his way back to a position in life where he could offer hois resources to help others.

21 years later, as a Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Father, Husband, Friend and Business Owner, Shannon still perceives helping others to be the greatest gift to give, for the universe is always watching and listening, offering up resources to those that use them wisely.

Shannon is super excited to be here with you and he is here to support you in uncovering the many dormant resources inside of you that will open doors for you, in both your personal life, and your professional.

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