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How would it feel if you weren't a slave to your fear?

Everyone, at some stage in their life, experiences fear - it is a message from your mind saying "look out, this could be a situation". But it is just that, a message, and there is no need to have it hold you back in life unless the situation indeed dangerous to you.  

We will show you how to work with your mind in order to recognise what is a necessary fear, and what is a limiting belief. 

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Can Hypnosis, NLP and EFT be used to remove emotional blockages, fears and phobias?  
You bet they can!

Package for "False Evidence Appearing Real" includes a personally tailored 90 minute session and 1 free follow up within 12 months.  
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The shackles of fear are real, though the fear itself may be the opposite

There are indeed real reasons to fear - that is your self preservation mode kicking in, your mind and body telling you to be cautious.  Many times in your life, you will experience fear, without you knowing why, because it is your subconscious mind pulling the strings. 

But your subconscious mind also needs to know you are powerful in your own right...

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Life without shackles 😍

As mentioned above, the subconscious mind pulls the strings when it comes to self preservation, and often we don't even know.  Well , now we know. 

We will work together to tell your subconscious mind you're OK.  We'll tell it that you appreciate it's protection, and to keep giving you warnings via fear, but not to cripple you with it.

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We WILL support you for up to 6 months after your first session.

Special Offer: AUD$400 incl GST

including 1 x 90 minute Session and a free follow up within 12 months if required

What People Are Saying...

"Such a relief!"

43 years. That's how long I smoked for. And to think I stopped in 1 hour. Yes, I accidentally had one a few weeks later, but that was it. I feel clean, healthy and my skin is incredible. 

"I needed the reboot"

I genuinely didn't think hypnosis would help me, I thought it a bit hokey pokey, but after 4 different sessions, I have "fixed" 3 parts of my life. I am considering getting some coaching too, just for my family life.


I had some real issues at work, not being able to call clients on the phone, and not being able to approach someone when they came into the showroom.  Shannon helped me recognise my limiting beliefs, and then we turned them into new ones.  I seriously should have done this 12 years ago as I am making so much more money now.

"Hypnosis helped me"

Money has been tight since the triplets came along, and when Jeff, left it got harder.  I needed to cut costs, and 5 packs a week was nearly $200 out of my budget.  Hypnosis helped me get off the smokes and now I'm fitter and healthier than I was in my 20's.