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COVID 19 sale - ends Dec 31.

Face to Face available in Sydney, Australia.  Zoom/Skype available for everyone.


Can hypnotherapy help QUIT smoking and Vaping? Absolutely, and we back it up with NLP, EFT and TIME techniques PLUS we offer a guarantee

So stop feeling chained to the habit of smoking or vaping!

Everyone, at some stage in their life, decides to do something to improve their life. Remove a limitation, enhance a skill, annihilate a life time addiction....

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Have you calculated the actual cost of smoking? Or perhaps the savings you'll have when you're a non smoker?

I already know the answer is yes.  

If it hasn't been you that has sat down and looked at how much money you're throwing at cigarettes, roll your owns, cigars, recreational smoking, vaping, etc...then it would have been someone close to you.

Secure your Consultation NOW

Life without chains 😍

Imagine not having to go to the smokers area and leave your friends behind. Or better still, imagine being a restaurant and not having to leave and return multiple times while others eat, drink and have fun.   

How good is it going to be to enter someones house or hold someones new born baby without being judged.

No hiding in alleys, door alcoves and stair ways in the rain, "enjoying" a drag...

Special Offer:
1 x 90 minute session,
including followup session if needed within the following 6 months

What People Are Saying...

"Such a relief!"

43 years. That's how long I smoked for. And to think I stopped in 1 hour. Yes, I accidentally had one a few weeks later, but that was it. I feel clean, healthy and my skin is incredible. 

"A new start"

So, my hubby left me, my kids blamed me, I went down a hole. :-( I needed my pre-hubby, confident self back. 

Smoking was one of the anchors to my married life that Shannon got me to remove. Now, my life is starting to be what is should be again. and my kids and grandkids are loving me.  Thank you. 

"Doctors orders..."

After I got married, I packed on the weight, and drank/smoked heaps. Then I got a scare. One of the docs recommendations was rewiring my mind to break some poor health habits. I found Shannon and he was the bomb. 

I used 3 sessions, but after the 3rd I was in control. Now, I keep up with the kids, my BP has dropped, and after following Shannon's advice about munchies, I've lost weight too. Score. 

"Hypnosis helped me"

Money has been tight since the triplets came along, and when Jeff, left it got harder.  I needed to cut costs, and 5 packs a week was nearly $200 out of my budget.  Hypnosis helped me get off the smokes and now I'm fitter and healthier than I was in my 20's.